Personal Profits from Donor Funds?

Just watched a news story about BLM and their multi-million dollar mansion purchase for personal use.Have you heard about this? I'm not making any sort of political statement here but rather one of juxtaposition of what BLM has done with donated money vs what Warrior Tradition Fund (WTF) would do with that money.

Why, because its seriously frustrating that a nonprofit organization can get away with doing this while organization like WTF struggle to obtain donations. It's one thing to pay employees of a nonprofit a competitive salary in order to obtain the best candidates. It's another to personally enrich individuals in the nonprofit over the needs of those you supposedly support.

How would WTF do things differently?

Well, first of all, there is transparency. While WTF has been around for a couple of years, it's only been officially active as a 501 (c) 3 corporation. Regardless, the limited amount of funds donation have only been used to help others, not a single cent has been put into our own pockets. Everything you see, from the website to the cost of incorporation and nonprofit status, etc., has been funding by the founder out of his retirement income. WTF is working on producing documents, that will be available to anyone by request, that will show this information. I don't think that BLM offered the information about their purchase before the story was broken.

And second, as part of our mission statement "100% of all donations go directly to veteran support" as our staff is all volunteer.  Everything used to run WTF is funded directly from personal finances. And it will stay that way until WTF is able to generate income from a source NOT funded by donations.

Wait...what? One of the dream goals is for WTF to develop a business which employs Veterans and funds the nonprofits daily operating costs. Example would be that WTF produces a widget, made by Veterans who are employees, that is sold to either another business or directly to the public. The profits then are used to pay the Veteran employees, staff and operating costs of WTF.

Another part of this dream is to obtain land large enough to provide an area for this product production, office for WTF and a Veteran Retreat. Obviously, this is a complicated and likely quite expensive pipe dream. And, furthermore, it would HAVE to be completely transparent in order to ensure the public would still support what WTF does for Veterans. Otherwise, it might appear the individuals running WTF were simply enriching themselves at the expense of their donors (think BLM here).

Already in the nonprofit world there are issues of trust, political abuse, social agendas, economic woes and corrupt individuals that make it difficult to startup and grow a nonprofit. But the issues surrounding BLMs purchase of real estate for individuals with millions of dollars of supports donations make it more difficult for WTF, and that is the frustration.

Veterans deserve us help those in need receive better. WTF


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